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Pregnancy Centers are vital resources that save lives and help meet the needs of the community

Pregnancy centers are vital resources that help meet the needs of the community, lift up and empower women, and save lives on a daily basis.  They are committed to saving lives with love, compassion, education, and support.

Cordblood For Life is here to help pregnancy centers save lives in new ways while advancing their missions at the same time.

Collaborating pregnancy centers will educate expecting mothers about the benefit of donating cord blood versus having it discarded as medical waste.  It is a way to deliver life-saving stem cells that come from embryonic stem cells that come from death.

Cord blood donation is another way to highlight the meaningful and life-saving work of pregnancy centers and the value that they bring to the community.  Leveraging education during Earn While Your Learn type programs, centers can teach expecting mothers that donating their baby’s cord blood can change the life of some facing a debilitating disease or condition.

Are you a pregnancy center committed to the cause of life and you want to do more?  Contact Cordblood For Life now and let us help you to save lives, advance research, and support YOUR mission even further.

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